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Geriatric Adolescent Partnership program (Home care assistant training)

Geriatric Adolescent Partnership Programme (GAPP)

Govt of Trindad and Tobago, Ministry of Community Development conducts two (level 1 & level 2) programs. Here youngsters are given training in aged care and home care. Stipend is given. Details of course content, timings, locations etc are given.This similar to our MOSJE sponsored training program for Bedside assistants / Home care assistants.

The info will be useful any NGO planning to start such courses.

Source spotted via Elders Info Daily

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Union County College to offer free fall classes to senior citizens (NJ, USA?)

This will be of interest to U3A enthusiasts.

Forwarding a similar news item earlier. I had sent a feeler to IGNOU
VC suggesting that IGNOU may offer courses for senior citizens at a
concessional fee. NO ANSWER so far. Is there anyone having influence
in IGNOU? Vyasamoorthy

Union County College to offer free fall classes to senior citizens
Published: Thursday, August 25, 2011, 9:41 AM Updated: Thursday,
August 25, 2011, 9:46 AM
By Suburban News

During the fall 2011 semester, Union County College will be offering
free classes for senior citizens as part of the Learning Is ForEver
(LIFE) Center throughout the county starting the week of Sept. 6.
Classes will run until the week of Dec. 16. Registration will be held
during the first session of each class.
In Elizabeth, at the Peterstown Community Center (622 Salem Ave.),
"Civil War" will be taught on Fridays at 10:30 a.m. by Professor
Lipkin and at the O'Donnell Dempsey Senior Center (408 Palmer St.),
Professor Bruckner will teach "Music Appreciation" on Tuesdays, at 1
In New Providence, at the Senior Citizen Center (15 E. Fourth St.),
Professor Dunscombe will be teaching "Selected Topics in Biology" on
Mondays at 10:30 a.m.
In Plainfield, at the Senior Center (400 E. Front St.), Professor
Dunscombe will be teaching "Selected Topics in Biology" on Wednesday s
at 12:30 p.m. and Professor Coma will be teaching "Introduction to
Drama" on Fridays at 1 p.m.
In Roselle, Professor Nicoli will be teaching two courses, "Painting
I" on Mondays at 10 a.m. and "Introduction to Drawing" on Mondays at 1
p.m. at the Roselle Community Center (1268 Shaffer Ave.).
In Summit, "America Literature I: The American Renaissance" will be
held at Sage ElderCare (290 Broad St.) and taught by Professor Comeau
on Mondays at 1 p.m. Professor Christopher Gibbs will also offer
"American Strategic Thought" at the Summit Community Center (100
Morris Ave.) on Tuesdays at 1 p.m.
In Union at the Green Lane YM-YWHA (501 Green Lane), Professor
Toplansky will teach "Survey of Yiddish Literature" on Wednesdays at 1
p.m. and Professor Melman will offer "Nutrition in Health and Disease"
on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m.
In Westfield, Professor Gibbs will offer "English History, 1789 to
1919" at the Westfield Senior Citizen Housing (1133 Boynton Ave.) on
Fridays at 10 a.m. and Professor Coma will teach "Introduction to
Drama" on Thursdays at 2:30 p.m. at the 2nd Westfield Senior Citizen
Housing (1129 Boynton Ave.).
The LIFE Center program provides free college-level academic education
for senior citizens who are Union County residents, 62-years-old or
over, at off-campus locations throughout the county. The courses are
offered at places and times convenient to the students, mainly at
community and senior citizen centers. Classes are free for the
students and there is no limit to the number of courses that an
individual may take.
The courses are offered during the fall and spring semesters only and
each course is held for two hours a week for 15 weeks. Students are
eligible to earn up to three college credits to be used towards an
associate or bachelor degree. The courses are usually offered in
history, fine arts, political science, literature, health, and
For additional information or to receive the full schedule of classes
for all LIFE Center courses offered in the fall, contact the LIFE
Center at 908-497-4360.
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Senior citizens bond for friendship
Akshatha M

At a point of time when the elderly are the neglected lot and are deprived of the attention that they crave for, the city based Vishwas Trust for elderly which has been working for the senior citizens since 13 years has come up with yet another novel project of forming friendship groups in various parts of the city.

The members of friendship groups spending a happy moment during one of their meetings.The idea of friendship groups was conceptualised by Vishwas Trust Director and social worker Olinda Pierera in order to offer an opportunity for recreational activities for the elderly. Based on the initial idea, some of the social work students accompanied by the social workers from Vishwas Trust conducted a survey in three areas namely in Bejai, Jeppu and Bajal where they learnt the requirements of the elderly and their interest in forming friendship groups in the form of questionnaires. Thus, Vishwas Trust mooted its idea of starting friendship groups in three different places of the city.

Speaking to City Herald, Olinda Pierera said that the friendship groups were started three months back and are working in three places of the city, apart from the very old friendship group that has been functioning in Valencia. "The elderly men and women are generally pushed to utter boredom as they would not have any outdoor activities and are confined to live a life within the four walls of a room. Taking note of this, we decided to come up with friendship groups which would help elderly from the neighbourhood to gather once in a while, share their happy moments and sorrows, discuss certain issues and likewise," says Oilnda Pierera. 

The groups which meet once in a week (once in fortnight during rainy season) for two hours or so, get an opportunity to play games, hold talks, interact with doctors and experts from other fields. Though the groups have started recently, they have 15-20 members on an average. 

One of the members of friendship group from Bejai, Doris Menezes, the retired Principal of St Philomena High School, Puttur, said that the group has come up as a silver lining in the cloud. "Usually, we elderly are left in the lurch and get no activities to please ourselves.

Vishwas Trust's initiative has helped at least a few elderly to get to know each other and build cordial relationship. Celebrating various fests with other elderly too is a joyful event. Considering my own case as I am someone who is not able to get out of my house due to illness, the friendship group activities that take place at my home provide me solace," she says. However, she is of the opinion that most of the elderly are yet to understand the significance of forming such groups. 

Wilfred D'Sa, another member of friendship group in Valencia, claims that he gets relaxed through friendship group activities. It has been a boon for the elderly in the region as we are no more confined to the four walls of our houses. "I wish such friendship groups come up in various other places of the city," says Wilfred.

Olinda Pierera, who says that the purpose of forming friendship groups for the elderly has been served to some extent, has plans to form groups in parks and other areas of the city, provided she receives a positive response.


Contributor: Sri V Raghavendra Rao in sss-global 

Contact address of Vishwas Trust
Valencia Hall Road, 
4th Cross, 
Mangalore -575002
Tel : 0824-2436681 
E-mail :
Website :

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NPOS Draft Policy for comments

MOSJE has put up the final draft of the recommendations of Mohini Giri's Review Commitee on National Policy on Older Persons. Now it is called NPOS. Public comments are welcome till 30th September 2011. YOu may leave comments here also if you wish.


Draft National Policy on Senior Citizens Aug2011

Participants at SCNSD meeting on 16th august in Hyderabad

A report and a photo of 16th August 2011 meeting HYderabad are attached.

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Activities for Senior Citizens by Prabhakar Pillai

Which of these activities you will participate in, if a chance is given? Vyasamoorthy


Activities for Senior Citizens

Are you a senior citizen? Nowadays age doesn't prevent one from having one's share of fun. Jazz up your life with some entertaining activities tailor made for senior citizens.
We look at some activities for senior citizens, which will keep them engaged and amused.

1. Mix about 200 small safety pins in an ice cream bucket along with dry oatmeal. Blindfold a person and time the person for say 10 minutes and let them see how many pins they can find in the dry oatmeal. Let everyone have a turn (blindfolded) and the one that finds the most wins a prize. 

2. Take different photographs. Tear each of them into pieces. Organize the senior citizens into teams and hand over the torn pieces of a single photograph to each team. The team that first puts together the photograph wins the prize. 

3.Auction. Pick up some inexpensive items from your local grocery store. Good choices would be toiletries, kitchen items, personal care products and home decorations. These items should be gift wrapped as mystery prizes. You will also require some fake money, which is equally distributed along each participant. The auctioneer will pick up a single prize at a time. The bidding then begins.

4. Hire a music band and have a dance. Encourage senior citizens with limited mobility to dance in their chairs or keep the beat to the music.

5. Organize a fashion show. Senior citizens who are unable to walk the ramp could be rolled out in wheelchairs.

6. Senior Fishing Day. Everyone is supposed to get his own fishing pole and bait along. It will help the seniors relax as well as keep themselves occupied. There should be prizes for the maximum fish caught and the biggest catch.

7. Organize a yoga class. This is especially beneficial to senior citizens. Each person should only do that yoga exercise with which he/she is comfortable. However, this activity needs care and caution.

8. Organize a one-mile walk. This is something which is within the capability of most senior citizens.

9. Mental exercises like solving puzzles and doing mathematical calculations mentally, without using a paper and pencil could be undertaken. This might delay the onset of serious old age diseases like Alzheimer's or delay the progress of the disease in people already afflicted by Alzheimer's disease.

10. Have every senior citizen bring a photo of themselves when they were babies or teenagers. The game is to guess whose photo it is. There would be attractive prizes for the winners.

11. Monthly birthday parties could be organized. Everybody would bring inexpensive gifts for the birthday boy/birthday girl.

12. Have a quiz regarding movies, songs, TV shows, actors and other categories that the seniors will be familiar with or are enthusiastic about.

13. Playing Favorites. We guess each person's favorite choices like favorite sport, favorite food, favorite dress and so on. And of course there should be prizes for the winners.

14. Sculpting for seniors. You could use the soft clay products, which are made for children. There should be a prize for quickest sculpture created and best looking sculpture. This activity would also help in strengthening the senior's hands. dexterity and muscle control.

15. Holiday Trip. A trip to a scenic spot could be organized. Nature is one of the most effective healers of the mind.

16. Hold a flower decoration competition. Supply the flowers, vases and scissors. You are allowed to take your handmade creation home.

17. Supply the seniors with cameras. Each one can take pictures of their favorite items and display them to others as a slide show.

18. Pick up the right recipe. Place your favorite recipe among a few other recipes and ask the seniors to guess it.

19. Health Tips. Each senior can talk for a few minutes offering personal advice on health-related issues.

20. Make up a list of questions that can be answered with only yes or no. Make a circle with chairs, enough for each senior citizen to play. Ask a question and if a person can answer yes to a question, they should move to the seat on the right. The person sitting in that seat may not be able to answer yes to that particular question and will still be sitting there. So they sit on their lap. Sometimes we have 3-4 people sitting on one chair and a lot of merriment. This is a lot of fun and questions are easy like, 'Do you have on black shoes?' or 'Do you have blue eyes?' or 'Do you own a cat?' and so on. Again a word of caution is suggested as some physical activity is involved.

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Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP)

Recently you have seen ILC Pune announcing introduction of some Awards. Here Seniors recognize living legends in their country Jamaica. Novel Initiative.  

They have a FaceBook Account too:


The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP) is to honour 10 outstanding Jamaicans for their role in nation building.

The CCRP yesterday launched its Jamaica 50 Living Legacy Awards ceremony, which is to be staged next February during the yearlong celebration of the country's 50th year of Independence.

The awards ceremony will be used to highlight the work of persons who have contributed significantly to the growth and development of the Jamaica.

"You can join CCRP once you are at the age of 50 or older, so once Jamaica is turning 50 we had to take part in this very significant milestone in the country's history," founder and CEO of CCRP, Jean Lowrie-Chin, said at the launch.

She noted that only persons who are alive will be honoured despite the massive contributions from several Jamaicans who have passed on.

Beyond the call of duty

Lowrie-Chin noted that the persons to be awarded must be innovators in their field who should have gone beyond the call of duty, "and/or displayed exemplary service and dedication to a cause".

Former governor general, Professor Sir Kenneth Hall, was among those on hand to endorse the awards during yesterday's launch.

"Let us celebrate the Jamaicans whose past efforts are making our future dreams a possibility," said Sir Kenneth, who is an honorary board member of CCRP.

Business mogul Lascelles Chin, who is the chairman of the CCRP, pledged the support of his LASCO Group for the awards, as he argued that the talents of some of our senior citizens could be called on to help Jamaica through the present economic turbulence.

"I welcome and wholeheartedly endorse the move to honour our well-deserving citizens who have greatly contributed to the development of the country," said Chin.


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Senior Citizens Gel Again

Dear Editor

I request you to kindly include the news item attached. If it is too
long ( it is less than 500 words) please abridge it. Yesterday,
Hyderabad too - like other towns and cities in India - witnessed a
positive change - unification of Senior Citizens to tackle
governmental apathy and neglect. Senior citizens form 10% of voter
population and even government and politicians neglect, Press,
Publishers and Media should not neglect us. It is your Dharma to
support us. Please do read the short note and do the needful.

If you care to inform me that you have obliged us, I shall indeed be
very grateful and I shall upload a copy of your publication in our

Thanks & Regards

Dr P Vyasamoorthy,
Chief Coordinator - Central JAC for Senior Citizens National solidarity Day
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Police asked to create state geriatric register (Kerala) MWPSCA

I thank Dr KR Gangadharan for this useful link

Police asked to create state geriatric register
August 13, 2011 DC Thiruvananthapuram

The 400-plus police stations in the State have been asked to prepare
an area-specific geriatric register, a database of senior citizens
within their jurisdiction.

The register will have all relevant details of the senior citizen and
also his/her dependents. The details will help the police keep
constant tabs on the welfare of the old.

The police will also know whom to contact in times of emergency.

"There have been a number of instances where the world has come to
know of the death of an old person days after it had happened," said
the inspector general, Mr S. Gopinath.

"The database will ensure that constant enquiries are made about their
welfare." A representative of a local police station, along with a
social worker or volunteer, will visit the senior citizens at least
once a month.

That's not all. The police also intend to set up a toll-free helpline
number for senior citizens. They could call this number for any help
they require, right from plumbers to emergency medical assistance.

Mr Gopinath said the plan was to create a kind of senior citizens
corps, an assortment of professionals dedicated to the service of
senior citizens.

It will have doctors, nurses, social workers, drivers, plumbers and
cooks who will always be on call.

The creation of a Geriatric Register was a directive issued by the DGP
in a circular issued in 2010 after rules were framed for the
Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007.

‘Government must ensure aged get all benefits’ Tamilnadu

'Government must ensure aged get all benefits'

Express News Service Last Updated : 15 Aug 2011 09:16:31 AM IST
CHENNAI: Benefits are not reaching the aged living Below Poverty Line
(BPL) as it is meant to be, due to the intervention of local
politicos, alleged Federation of Senior Citizens' Associations of
Tamilnadu (FOSCATAN).
The association conducted a symposium on Social Security for Elders in
Chennai on Sunday. Representatives of various senior citizens' and
pensioners' organisations expressed their opinions on creating a
conducive environment for the aged as they now face several problems
in society.
All the speakers emphasised on issues pertaining to income security,
health security and other benefits for the aged who come under BPL.
The representatives urged the government to implement the National
Policy on Senior Citizens immediately.
"Social security for the old people is very important. They constitute
10 per cent of the total population, but 80 per cent of them come
under BPL. Among all, financial security is the most important. Most
of the senior citizens retired from their jobs 20 or 30 years ago and
they have been getting very less money as pension while prices are
soaring everywhere. We are living in a high cost economy era and
hence, the financial assistance should be given accordingly," said RN
Mittal, President of All India Senior Citizens' Confederation.
KR Gangadharan, Regional Vice President (Asia) of International
Federation on Ageing, said, "The government should ensure that all the
aged people get food, shelter, health care and such other benefits.
Local politicos and the family members' interventions have resulted in
no benefits reaching them though the central and the state governments
have various schemes for the elderly. This 'elder abuse' is increasing
He added that the condition of poor, aged people was more pitiable.
"Poorest among the poor are senior citizens," he said.
"The cases of rape against old women have been on the increase in our
country these days as the women are frail and cannot fight away the
rapists. These incidents are happening more in African countries. At
present, aged women are being trained in martial arts in some African
countries. The aged are being discriminated against in many ways. It
is high time that awareness on the senior citizens' problems are
spread among people," Gangadharan added.
S Muthukumaran, Former VC of Bharathidasan University, and D
Rajaseharan, President of FOSCATAN, were present at the event.




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Chandigarh - SCNSD - Ask for welfare funds

Senior citizens seek implementation of welfare funds

The Chandigarh Senior Citizens' Association celebrated Raksha Bandhan, senior citizens' National Solidarity day and Independence day at Govt Museum and Art Gallery in sector 10. The members adopted two resolutions seeking implementation of existing instructions on welfare of the old and allocation of funds under Corporate Social Responsibility towards projects concerning aging issues and care for the old. The resolutions will be included in a memorandum, the copies of which will be sent to the Prime Minister, Administrator and the local MP.

President of the Association Retd Brig. Keshav Chandra said such events not only help to voice their concerns to the top authorities but also instill a sense of belonging among its members. He said the bond will be further strengthened during the month long activities in September leading up to the Senior Citizens' Day on 1st October.



 Elders in fo Daily dated 15/8/2011



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Inter-Generational workshop was held at UVN Centre for Adolescents, Dwarka

Thursday 11 August 2011

Inter-Generational workshop was held at UVN Centre for Adolescents, Dwarka

Inter-generational group discussion
An interactive Inter-Generational workshop was held at Urivi Vikram National Centre for Adolescents, Dwarka, on 10 August, 2011. 50 senior citizens and 100 teenagers, mostly from Dwarka, participated and exchanged views on contentious teen-centric issues to evolve a consensus between grand parents and children. 

Dr. U.N.B. Rao, Chairman-UVNAC 
briefing the participants
It was a unique effort to promote family bonding by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and conducted by Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust (UVCT). Participants, young and senior citizens were divided into nine groups with separate topics – all close to teenagers' present day concerns. The groups were given one hour time to discuss and arrive at consensus or conclusion. The conclusions presented by the participants later in an open forum revealed the readiness of young to integrate better with the older generation given a little understanding and suitable handling.
UVCT is a Dwarka based national level NGO promoting empowerment of adolescents. Its programs include psychological counseling, livelihood training courses, seminars & workshops aimed at adolescents needs. 
Source URL:
Elders Info Daily dated 15.8.2011

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Insurance cover for very senior citizens; IRDA examines proposal by Apollo Munich

Insurance cover for very senior citizens; IRDA examines proposal by
Apollo Munich

KOLKATA: If your parents are above 80 years it is impossible for them
to buy a fresh health insurance cover. This may change if a new plan
filed by a health insurance company and currently being examined by
the Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority (Irda) is
cleared. The policy from Apollo Munich Health Insurance is aimed at
senior citizens and places no limit on the age at which it can be

"We have recently filed a health insurance policy with the Irda that
will have no upper age for entry. Anyone can buy the cover at any age,
be it 70 years or 91 years. We hope that the policy will be cleared by
the insurance regulator by end of August and we may be able to start
selling it by beginning of September," says Antony Jacob, chief
executive officer of Apollo Munich Health Insurance.

The new plan signifies a major shift in the way senior citizens are
covered by medical insurance. Most health plans cover a person till
75-80 years. Some policies offer lifelong renewal, but this is
possible only if the cover is bought early. The Varishtha Bima Yojana
from public sector insurer National Insurance can be bought by anyone
between 60 and 80 years of age and renewals can be done up to the age
of 90.

Apollo Munich itself has a policy that covers an individual for a
lifetime, but the policy should be bought before 65. Other PSU
insurers also offer health covers to senior citizens, but there are a
host of restrictive conditions and all have an upper age of entry.

No Bar for Very Senior Citizens

Apollo Munich's new plan promises to break this ceiling, allowing even
very senior citizens (above 80) and nonagenarians to buy the cover.

The cover, however, will have a fat price tag. A Rs3-lakh cover for a
70-year-old will come at Rs19,000 a year. At 80, it will costRs32,000
a year and at 90, Rs57,000. Add the 10.3% service tax and the total
yearly cost is more than 20% of the cover. "These are tentative
figures submitted to the regulator; the final figures may change
marginally when the product is finally cleared," says Jacob. The
conditions don't end there.

There's a waiting period of one year before the plan covers all
diseases, and a long four-year wait for covering pre-existing
diseases. Also, senior citizens won't get all the facilities of a
normal cover. "There will be a co-payment clause as well as sub-limits
in the policy," Jacob clarifies.

The co-payment clause requires the buyer to shell out a percentage of
the claim (normally 20%). Under the sublimit clause, there are limits
on expenses incurred under various heads, such as room rent, doctor's
fee, nursing charges and cost of medicines. However, this applies to
all patients irrespective of age.

"There are limited options from four public sector insurers for buying
health covers for seniors, but there are no policies that allow entry
at any age or lifelong renewal. No doubt this policy will come at a
premium," says Rahul Agarwal, managing director, Optima Insurance

For Apollo Munich's existing policy that allows lifelong renewal, one
has to pay Rs16,797 a year for covering an individual between 61 and
65 years for Rs3 lakh. The premium rises to Rs21,615 for 66-70 years
and to Rs24,039 for over 70 years.

Source URL:

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Conclave to press for elders' demands today

In one of the biggest ever convention of Senior Citizens, at least 10,000 elderly people are likely to meet and press for their demands over various issues to the Government on Sunday at Talkatora Stadium. The various demands of the federation under the banner of Senior Citizens Federation of India would be raised during the meet. The conclave would be addressed by senior political leaders, including BJP president Nitin Gadkari, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj and former Union Ministers Vijay Goel and Anant Kumar. The convention is likely to be attended by about 10,000 senior citizens and 105 senior citizens associations.

Former Union Minister and founder of the Senior Citizen Federation of India, Vijay Goel said, "The current pension of `1000 per month is not sufficient for senior citizens. In this period of spiraling costs a thousand rupees cannot take care of a person and want a serious effort towards the care of senior citizens." The National Policy for Older Persons (NPOP), 1999, declared financial security, healthcare and housing for senior citizens. It has not been implemented so far and across the country NGOs working in the area of elderly care welcome the policy and demanded its implementation.

The idea to form the organisation was mooted in 2008 in course of meeting of senior citizens, Goel told The Pioneer. The main demands of the federation would be formation of a National Commission for Senior Citizen, on the lines of National Commission for Women, National Commission for Minorities, etc. Establishment of recreation centre in all colonies and localities and granting free medical insurance for all the senior citizens above the age of 75 years. Monthly pension should be increased by `1,000 to `2,000 per month. The millions of rupees are lying unclaimed in banks, belonging to deceased senior citizen. It should be transferred to a corpus and used for their benefits are some of the demands and issues of the senior citizens.

In order to make the federation work in a more organised way, Goel and his team have been visiting parks and public places every morning for the last three months and conducting more than 100 informal meetings. "Due to these meetings, thousands of senior citizens filled up form and indicated their desire to join the federation. The Government facilities for them are almost non-existent. Therefore they need help and empathy and federation would work in that direction," Goel said.


From: V.RAGHAVENDRARAO of sss-global

Ruparelia interviewed by Sailesh on Seniors' problems

Activist septuagenarian Ruparelia blasts Maharashtra government on neglecting senior citizens.

He has pointed out negligence in terms of total governmental apathy, hospitals not giving free treatment to o senior citizens despite orders in 2006, problems with auto rickshaws, inaccessible railways and public places etc. Acceptance of NPOP is the most important demand in Maharashtra. Many govt departments are not aware of FESCOM?

Watch this powerful video by sri Sailesh of Silver innings.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Status of implementation of MWPSCA 2007 as of August 2011

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment11-August, 2011 16:58 IST
Elder Abuse

            The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 was enacted in December, 2007 to ensure need based maintenance for parents and senior citizens and their welfare. The Act, inter-alia, makes maintenance of parents/ senior citizens by children/ relatives obligatory and justiciable through tribunals; provides for revocation of transfer of property by senior citizens in case of negligence by relatives, and penal provision for abandonment of senior citizens.


The Act has to be brought into force by individual State Governments. So far, 22 States and all Union Territories have done so. It is not applicable to the State of Jammu & Kashmir, while Himachal Pradesh has its own Act for senior citizens. Bihar, MeghalayaSikkim and Uttar Pradesh are yet to bring the Act into force.


Tribunals have been set up by States/ UTs which had notified the Act. As per available information, claims instituted by the Tribunals during 2009-10 is as follows:


Sl. No.


No. of Claims instituted








Madhya Pradesh
















This information was given by the Minister of State for Social Justice & Empowerment, Shri D. Napoleon in the Rajya Sabha  today in a written reply.



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Memorandum to CM Andhra Pradesh

THis is a copy of the memorandum sent to Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh by Sri V Nageswara Rao Secretary General APSCCON. it will be submitted in perso too on 16th August if we get an appointment. Last year, try what we may, we just could not get an appointment with the then Chief Minister. Let us see if Kiran is better!

SCNSD- Chief coordinator

Now the Letter proper


1st August, 2011


Shri.N.Kiran Kumar Reddy,

Hon. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh,

‘C’ Block, A.P. Secretariat,

Hyderabad – 500 003


Sub:- Submission of Memorandum from Senior Citizens of Andhra Pradesh for Redressal of grievances

We are a confederation of Senior Citizen Welfare Associations of all the districts in Andhra

Pradesh having a network.and are a registered body.We work exclusively for the welfare and wellbeing of Senior citizens of our State and we are affiliated to the All India Senior Citizens Condederation, Mumbai.

We appreciate the good gesture of the Government of Andhra Pradesh for adopting the National Policy of older persons known as N.P.O.P formulated by Government of India in 1999 and making efforts to implement it. The Andhra Pradesh State Government have also published a State Plan of action on the above policy in the year 2004.

Though the plan of action of the Government generated feelings of happiness among the senior citizens of the State, its implementation continued to be very slow and on some issues very pathetic . We are submitting this memorandum on behalf of over 60 lakhs of Senior Citizens particularly the indigent ones in the State. We are only requesting the Government to implement what was alreadyaccepted in principle by the Government and no fresh demands are put up.

The issues that are causing hardships to the elders or as follows:

. ABSENCE OF INSURANCE COVERAGE TO THE MIDDLE CLASS SENIOR CITIZENS (above BPL, but below tax liability):- Clause (m) of page 31 of A.P. State Plan of Action says “develop health insurance package covering different income segments (of senior citizens). Packages catering to low income groups will be entitled to State Subsidy The citizens of Andhra Pradesh are fortunate to have the unique health scheme of AROGYASREE, but the senior citizens above the BPL group are denied of this scheme. About 90% of the families in the state (inclusive of senior citizens as well as journalists) are already covered under AROGYASREE or other health insurance. And pensioners are covered by reimbursement.Only the remaining 10% are left out, In the absence of such coverage senior citizens of this segment are dropping in to the BPL category, because of the exhorbitant cost of medical care which they cannot afford in this inflationary economy. This facility was requested in our earlier representations also to the C.M and Minister of Health,of Government of A. but did not get any response.We earnestly request that AROGYASREE may be extended to this catergory and if need be a part of the premium may be charged to them.

2. OLD AGE PENSIONS:- We are grateful to the Government for implementing the Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme, but the distressing fact is that the Government is paying only Rs.200/- for the Senior Citizen and his spouse. It is so inadequate in the present context that with this pension they could procure food for only for one day in a month and for the rest of the days they are to the mercy of God or others. We learn that, even this amount is paid by the Government of India.We again would like to bring to your notice that the A.P State Plan of Action, Page 31 says “revision of rate of monthly pension so as to take care of Inflationary trends” It mayalso not be out of place to mention that the Government of Tamil Nadu is paying Rs.1000/- and several other states are paying between Rs500 to Rs.1000 as old age pension.We therefore pray that the pension may be increased to Rs500 per person so that the poor elders may have at least one meal a day.Further the Govt of India have announced the age to be eligible for a senior

Citizen as 60 years instead of 65.Similar instructions reducing the age of eligibility for senior citizens from 65 to 60 years may please be issued in our state also.


a. Page 33 point 1 under RTC buses of A.P State Plan of Action says. quote “provide fare concessions to senior citizens in buses” We have been requesting for long on this issue, but nothing is granted so far either by the Government of Andhra Pradesh or R.T.C. In India, at least 10 States are granting concession ranging from 25% to 100% to senior citizens in State Buses. We therefore request that maximum possible concession in R.T.C may be granted, so that the senior citizens (poor) who travel only out of necessity for medical treatment, religious or other ceremonies and not for holidaying.

b. AMENITIES IN BUSES:- At present only 3 seats are reserved in buses which is inadequate as it is often seen that elders of age 70 – 80 are also obliged to stand. Atleast 6 seats may be reserved and if they remain vacant others are in any case occupying them.

c. In buses, steps are too high and they should be suitably modified to facilitate boarding.



It is gratifying that the Government of Andhra Pradesh have promptly notified the above Act which to a large extent benefits those senior citizens neglected by their children. From the number of cases registered in the Tribunals and awards given (for maintenance allowance) in the Districts, it can be seen that in most of the Districts, the number is either NIL or extremely poor. This shows that either the Act is not implemented at all or not implemented effectively. It is learnt that the issue of G.O containing the Rules for implementation is pending for more than two years and due to the absence of which the Act is not implemented properly, As this act helps the neglected parents to have sustenance, urgent action is prayed for immediate and effective implementation of the Act.


a. It is a common sight that senior citizens are made to stand for a long time in the Q at e.seva centers, bus counters, ration shops, banks, govt or quasi govt organized programmes, other bill paying counters, etc., we request that suitable instructions be issued to all the officials concerned to have a separate counters / Q for senior citizens or atleast give a privilege to elders to bye pass the Q, so that they may not physically suffer for long time for getting the work done.

b. Similarly posters or other appropriate bill boards may be arranged at all Government and Quasi Government organizations urging the people to “respect the elders” “Help the Elders” etc., and create public awareness of their responsibility towards elderly.

6. :Last but not the least but actually the most important issue is

FULL IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NATIONAL PLAN OF OLDER PERSONS:- There are several provisions in the above plan formulated by the Government of India and generously adopted by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, as early as 2004. We pray that what all has been said in the above plan may be implemented in letter and spirit, for which we the senior citizens of A.P., (amounting to 9% of the population, 15% of the voters and 25% of the potential and effective voters) will remain ever grateful to the Government and to the present generation

Thanking you and eagerly expecting a favourable response to our request.

Yours Sincerely,

V.Nageswara Rao Prof.V.Visweswariah Ch.Parameswara Reddy,

Secretary General Associate President President