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Senior Citizens National Solidarity Day - 16th August 2011

Senior Citizens National Solidarity Day: 16th August 2011

An appeal to Senior Citizens Organisations

First Circular



Executive Committee meeting of AISCCON was held at Hyderabad on 3rd July 2011. Many participants felt that the momentum gained by the observance of Senior Citizens National Protest Day last year on 15th August 2010 should not be allowed to be dissipated. We should continue to mark our presence felt in the society and in government circles. Therefore it was decided that we should observe 16th August 2011 as SENIOR CITIZENS NATIONAL SOLIDARITY DAY all over India.


Directly as a consequence of our nation wide protest activity last year, there has been some semblance of positive action from the central government. We have seen concessions in Income Tax structure, Railway fares, quantum of Old Age Pension, eligibility criteria etc. However, most State governments are yet to wake up and respond. They continue to be indifferent towards our problems and concerns. Hence through our activities on August 16, this year we should focus our attention to fulfillment of state level demands.


There are also numerous glaring disparities in payment of pensions to retirees from different sectors, causing severe hardship in some cases. We have to highlight them and seek their redressal.


There is likely to be some restrictions on rallies and walkathons this year due to existing political climate. Therefore, we shall limit ourselves to: 1) conducting a series of meetings of SCAs  at District and State level 2) keeping media posted with our activities and efforts 3) meeting MLAs, MPs and Ministers including the CMs 4) getting the cooperation of media to partner with us in our struggle. Every effort must be made to bring together various groups like SCAs, NGOs, Walkers Clubs, Retirees and Pensioners associations etc.  The feeling that senior citizens have come together as one united body must be created in the minds of public, media and the powers that be. They should be made to recognize our number and vote power.  


A central joint action committee has been set up to push through this agenda. For further details, Sri RN Mital, Chairman of JAC or Dr P Vyasamoorthy (Ph 9490804278) Chief Coordinator may be contacted.



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