Monday, June 13, 2011

A Learn and Answer Quiz on Elder Abuse Terminology

If you are not tired of attempting quizzes, here is one more.
This one has been created by Vanwoja on 2/10/2010 (World Elders Day) and the best one I have seen. It is built on the Educational site
I scored 4/10 in first attempt and 9/10 in second attempt (after reinforcing my learning).

The Quiz that I had given by me focuses on EA and WEAAD concepts in general; This one focuses on Types of Elder Abuses.

Here (in the case of this specific quiz) you get an opportunity to learn several terms and phrases first; thereafter you may answer the quiz. If you are not satisfied you may learn again, ask for a changed quiz and answer it again. Excellent learning tool. Excellent teacher's Aid. The site has millions of quizzes on any conceivable topic! There are more interesting features about this wonderful site which I request the teachers in you to explore.

To take Vanwoja's Quiz click here:

As this quiz is not constructed by me I am not giving any certificate. Please feel free to give one to yourself. But tell the world that you learnt a bit about EA; That is more important.

Very shortly I shall add a Quiz on Quizlet on MWPSCA

Thanks How many of are learners?

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