Monday, June 6, 2011

HOw much of EA do you know?

How much do you know about Elder Abuse

June 15th 2011 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Won't you like to test yourself how much you know about Elder Abuse? Take this quick Quiz!!

What does INPEA stand for?

    Indian Poor Elders Association
    International Network of Prevention of Elder Abuse
    International Network for Promotion of Elder Abuse
    International Node for Elder Accused

    What does WEAAD stand for?
    World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
    What Elder Abusers Always Do?
    World Elders’ Abuse Alert Day
    World Elders Action Avoidance Day

    Following are common types of Elder Abuse: Pick odd man out

    Physical Abuse
    Financial Abuse
    Neglect and abandonment
    Providing money for subsistence

    WEAAD was started in the year


    What colour is worn on WEAAD to show solidarity among participants?


    Every year World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is observed on:

    January 1st
    December 25th
    June 15th
    October 1st

    Activities suggested for WEAAD include:

    Articles in the media, press and TV
    Talking to children in school and grand kids
    Counseling elders not to hide; asking them come out in the open
    Making people take an Oath to prevent EA

    According to a reputed HelpAge study on EA the victimizers are mostly

    Nurses in Hospitals
    Close relatives – son/ daughter / SIL / DIL
    Bus drivers and conductors
    Friends in Day Care Centers

    Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 takes care of E

    Financial and property abuse
    Emotional and mental abuse
    Physical and sexual abuse

    Which city in India has maximum abusers?


    Thanks for answering this short Quiz. Hope that was easy. You and I have done our bit towards WEAAD. Please encourage your friends to take the test.

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