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This article by Sri Sailesh Mishra of Silver Inings Foundation gives details of ALL activities planned in Mumbai for WEAAD

On the occasion of 6th Annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) 15th June 2011 Silver Inning Foundation(SIF) a NGO working with senior citizens and their family members in association with INPEA (International Network for Prevention of Elder Abuse) Indian Chapter through Development, Welfare and Research Foundation (DWARF) and 'Little Things Matter Initiatives' (LTMI), SSS Global, FESCOM (Mumbai), '1298' Senior Citizens Helpline, Mumbai, AISCCON  ,  Harmony for Silvers Foundation &  ALFRESCO FC will be commemorating Elder Abuse Awareness Day from on May 20th to June 20th 2011 . SIF through its networking and social media has taken the initiative to host various events pan India to create awareness and sensitize the Government and the Civil Society to eliminate/prevent elder abuse at both micro and macro level.

World over 15th June is marked as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day by INPEA.INPEA is an organization, founded in 1997, which is dedicated to the global dissemination of information as part of its commitment to the world-wide prevention of the abuse of older people. The United Nations International Plan of Action adopted by all countries in Madrid, April 2002, clearly recognizes the importance of addressing  and preventing abuse and neglect of older adults and puts it in the framework of the Universal Human Rights. INPEA is dedicated to supporting the plan of action. 

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day month long  programme aims to increase society's ability, through various programmes, to recognize and respond to the mistreatment of older people in whatever setting it occurs, so that the latter years of life will be free from abuse, neglect and exploitation.


  • To create awareness in elderly people themselves regarding what comes under elder abuse.
  • To sensitize young people regarding elder abuse and to bridge the intergenerational gap between elderly and young people.
  • To create awareness in media and civil society at large regarding elder abuse.


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Month long Tentative Programme: from May 20th to June 20th 2011

  1. Host Essay Competition   . Essay of maximum 2000 words on the following topics are invited from May 20th to June 20th 2011

a)    For all age groups:

         Can Elder abuse be prevented, if not eliminated? If yes how?  If  no why not?


b)    For School Students - Class 5th to class 10th:

         Grandparents are the best Friends


c)    For Students - 1st year College to Post Graduation:

         Youth are important link towards Elderly friendly society          



  1. Online Elder Abuse Survey 2011: Elder Abuse, Magnitude & Intervention – from May 20th to June 20th 2011:


  1. 4th June Talk on 'Women Empowerment' by Adv Nausheen of Majlis at Ladies club annual get together at Sangeeta Complex ,Bhayandar west , Near Mumbai


  1. 5th June 'Elder Abuse' Sensitization talk at FESCOM Capacity Building programme for office bearers of FESCOM Senior Citizens State Federation at Harmony Center ,Mumbai


  1. 15th June "Foot D Ball to Stop Elder Abuse" friendly football match between Youth and Staff and Elder Resident of Rajpuria Vaprashtashram(Old Age Home) Uttan , Bhayandar west , near Mumbai in association with ALFRESCO FC, Mumbai MDFA 3rd Division Team (2010). We at Silver Inning Foundation (SIF) are promoting the cause of Elderly through unique and well tried 'Sport for Development' (S4D) concept through our Pilot project "Foot D Ball to Stop Elder Abuse ".This intergeneration activity with S4D concept through Football is tried for first ever time in this part of the world (might be first time in world) for promoting Elder Cause and to create awareness about Elder Abuse in civil society. Youth will Tie 'Purple Security Band' to Elders :


  1. 17th June 'Intergenerational Programme' in association with Apne Aap Women's Collective  - AAWC (NGO working for Children's of marginalized mothers) & Harmony for Silvers Foundation at Harmony Day Center ,Mumbai. Children's will Tie 'Purple Security Band' to Elders


  1. 20th June 'Talk on Dementia & Alzheimer's and Abuse' at Senior Citizens Association of Shri Krishna Nagar, Borivali East ,Mumbai . SIF staff will  Tie 'Purple Security Band' to Elders


  1. Senior Citizens group at Visakhapatnam will be conducting an awareness meeting on "Elders Abuse" on 15th. June 2011, jointly by [1] Vintage Visakha a Forum for Elderly and Senior Citizens ND [2] Sneha Sandhya (Welfare Society for Senior Citizens)


  1. SSS Global in association with Senior Citizens groups, Hyderabad plan to conduct Talk on Elder Abuse based on their personal experience / knowledge.


  1. Bulk SMS will be send to more than 10,000 people


  1. Bulk Email will be send to more than 25,000 people


  1. Creation of Open Group on Face Book 'World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) 15th June'


  1. Month long activity on Social Media sites


  1.  'Friendly Football Matches' at other places including schools


Together, we have the power to prevent elder abuse.




My World, Your World, Our World, Free of Elder Abuse .


This World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) 2011 program is organized by Silver Inning Foundation and supported by INPEA (International Network for Prevention of Elder Abuse) Indian Chapter through Development, Welfare and Research  Foundation (DWARF) and 'Little Things Matter Initiatives' (LTMI), SSS Global; FESCOM (Mumbai), 1298 Senior Citizens Helpline, Mumbai; AISCCON ,iCONGO ; Harmony for Silvers Foundation & Alfresco FC –Mumbai.



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