Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mobility Aids

Mibility Aids from Pedder Johnson

Senior citizens face a series of health problems brought up due to ageing. They become less mobile due to many reasons. They may have a fall and may be bed ridden. They require a walking stick to support walking; They may use a walker during canvalescence, after a knee replacement surgery . They may have to be moved from one room to another in a wheel chairwithin their own homes or hospitals. They may be hospitalised after some surgery, Prolonged lying down may require back rest. They may be too week to get up and walk on their own. All such devices, tools and implements that help monility of persons are collectively called Mobility Products.

Pedder Johnsons of Mumbay is a leader in the field of mobility products. tHey manufacture and sell Walking sticks, Transfer boards, Fore Arm crutches, Air mattress, Shampoo basin, Protective Rubber Sheets, wheel chairs, Bathroom accessories like Arm support, grab bars, Folding comode etc. THe tools will be useful for senior citizens living alone, old age homes, hospitals, nursing homes, Pedder may be contacted at: PEDDER JOHNSON, 318, Swastik Chambers, Sion Trombay Road, Chembur, Mumbai-400 071. Tel: 022-25228857/59,
Fax: 022-2522 8858, Email:,

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