Friday, April 8, 2011

Human Rights of Older Persons

Right today (8th April 2011), in Delhi there is a seminar on this topic where perhaps this study report will be released. I am happy to circulate the results to sss global members - in advance? Very interesting statistics. Large study.



by Agewell Foundation


Agewell Research & Advocacy Centre has carried out a survey to assess the status of human rights of 50000 Older Persons (29000 rural & 21000 urban) spread across 300 districts of 25 states of India.

Major Findings of the study are as under

·Lack of awareness about Human Rights of older persons is one of the major reasons of ever-increasing cases of voilation of human rights of older persons -85.9% older persons (including 72% in urban areas) had never heard about Human Rights of Older Persons.

·Popularity of nuclear/small families was found to be main reason of violation of human rights of older persons -75.5% of older persons reportedly living in inhuman conditions were living alone or from small/nuclear families & 60.54% of older persons were found living alone or in nuclear/small families.

·Voilation of Human Rights of older persons is higher in urban areas of the country in comparision to rural areas -65% older persons living in urban areas reported that they had to go through critical phase in their life or have to live in abject situations due to their old age.

·Over 23.3% older persons were found living in inhuman conditions or (in other words) facing violation of their human rights in old age.

·12.9% older persons revealed that they are not getting proper food in old age - 3101 rural and 3343 urban elderly are not getting proper food in old age.

·Approx. every third older person in the country is not getting proper medicine/health care in old age -Only 68.8% have access to necessary medicines, health care and medical facilities

·Every second older person is not getting due respect or good treatment from his/her family member/society -48.6% eldelry (44.5% in rural areas and 54.81% in urban areas) are not being respected by their family members/ relatives and soceity.

·47.4% older persons were discriminated because of their Age - 52.35% in urban areas and 44.1% in rural areas were humiliated or treated disrespectfully.

Observation: Popularity of small/nuclear family system, lack of intergenerational interaction, less social interaction of older persons, age discrimination, non-existence of inclusive social security system in the country, etc. are among the most important reasons of miserable condition of older persons in urban areas. Older persons in the age-group of 60-70, i.e. young older people are more aggressive towards protection of their human rights. Due to fast growing population of older persons, ever-increasing gap between generations and fast demanding lifestyle of young generatoins, for majority of older persons life is still a struggle, even in Old Age.

Study concludes that creating awareness of Human Rights of Older Persons in the society, particularly among older persons and protection of their human rights has become an uphill task for all of us. Preparation for Old Age is an alien concept. Even the policies for old people are more cosmetic than effective. Rights of an individual in old age are considered as more of a moral responsibility of the family members. No one seems to be concerned about the fact that an individual who is old has certain basic human rights. Today we need to inculcate a sense of responsibility towards needs & rights of older persons through curriculum of School students & re-look at all the policy formulations and its implementation with a practical approach towards needs & rights of old people.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Freebies for Just Voting: Tamilnadu

Freebies for just Voting: Tamilnadu

Forthcoming Assembly Elections in Tamilnadu are going to be fiercest fought battle on the political front. Both the DMK in power and ADMK wanting to displace them are fighting the battle by bribing and enticing the voters with all sorts of promises of freebies after the elections, if they come to power. Look at the list, each competing with the other in catching the voters’ attention.



Laptop Pentium 13inch

Laptop linux 15.4 inch

Gas cylinder


Grinder 1.5 litre

Grinder 2 litre

3cent land for poors

Green House for all poors

No Power cut

No power cut

2 sets of uniform with shoes

4set of uniform with 2 sets of shoes

Rs. 2000 for all college students for books

Rs. 1000-5000 for students for books

Rice 1 Rs

First 20Kg Rice free

Free bus pass for students

Free bus pass for students and Senior citizen

Insurance for seniors and poors

Family insurance

Maternity leave 1 year

Maternity leave 6 months

Maternity bonus 6000

Maternity bonus 12000

Sugarcane per ton 3000

Sugarcane per ton 2500

Pondicherry infra will be changed like France

Pondicherry tourism will be enhanced with 2000Crores

1000 litres of pure water to each family every month

600 litres of pure water to each family every month

Mobile hospitals per every 4 street

Mobile hospital per every 2 streets with a doctor and nurse

Marriage bonus 25000 with 6gram gold

Marriage bonus 25000 with 4gram gold

2 cows for poor family

A cow for all poor family

This trend is only making the citizens lazy, greedy, cheap worms without any conviction of themselves. Both the Parties are turning every citizen into backboneless idiots who can fall a prey to extreme briberies. Voting public have self respect. At this rate a party may say: You just go ahead enjoy and produce children. We will take care of the rest. Perhaps they may even promise to arrange a substitute husband for the lazy and unthinking voter to carry out his ‘responsibility’ of fathering (not maintaining) children! Things can become worse no more.

If there are a few voters who do care to think and vote, help is at hand. They may read the booklet: “National Election Watch: Analysis of Criminal and Financial details of MLAs of Tamilnadu” (Association of Democratic Reforms, Delhi), 2011.

When will India wake up? I hope Anna Hazare’s fast unto death selfless step to integrate masses to usher in an Anti Corruption law will be successful.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Electronic Money Order

I have always been on the look out for simple ways of sending small
amounts of money - say for subscriptions to magazines, gifts,
donations, annual dues to associations, buying booklets etc. Now you
can do so without hassles of going to bank or Post office right from
your desktop PC connected to Internet.

Electronic Money order helps you send by MO, from your desktop. Here
is the link?

The tariff for sending MO is highly affordable - Say Rs 5 for 100/-
Register yourself at EPost. Fillup a form to send money. Authorize
payment via credit card. Presto, Next day the money is delivered to
your party by post man - home delivery. Great news?

There is another Instant Money Transfer facility where your friend can
go the nearest Post office and collect cash - like Western Union -
sent by you within minutes of your completing the transaction. Here
charges at lower end are prohibitive Rs 150 for Rs 1000.

In return for this information, how about sending me an EMO for any
amount you choose to experiment?!?

Dr P Vyasamoorthy, 30 Gruhalakshmi Colony Secunderabad 500015 Ph
040-27846631 / 9490804278.My blog:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Commit Yourself to vote against corruption in India

I have made my commitment against corruption; Have you?
Please spread the word. Vyasamoorthy
Dear Citizen,

You have been referred to India Against Corruption by 'Sailesh Mishra'. This is a citizen's movement against corruption that has people from all walks of life, and professions, coming together to fight corruption in India because our government has been unable to do so.

India's anti-corruption laws and agencies are ineffective against corruption because they have been made toothless by design.

India Against Corruption's team comprising of eminent lawyer Prashant Bhushan, Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, and others has drafted the 'Jan Lokpal Bill' which has strong and effective measures to fight against corruption.

We seek your support in making the government implement this law. To do this we have launched a nationwide campaign called 'Vote for India'. We ask you to commit your vote for India, and against all political parties who do not want to fight corruption.

Indications are that there will be a few lakh people fasting on the 5th April across the nation. Suuporting Anna Hazare.

This is unique anywhere in the world and is in line with the Gandhian principle of renunciating and giving up food to offer penance for the misdeeds of a few. A completely non-violent way to protest too.Gandhiji used to say that one should offer prayers on the day of fast or think positive thoughts of the nation and keep calm, peaceful and positive.

Let us not forget that in the past few years, there have been many good laws including the RTI and others that have been passed and JLPB will also come to pass. Have no doubt and let us continue our Gandhian peaceful methods to demand the same. If the Govt does not give in, we will intensify our movement till it engulfs the entire nation and forces the politicians to make JLPB a reality.

We are living in a country destined for greatness. We are the sovereigns of this nation. Let us reclaim our predominance.

Please join in the struggle, together we can make corruption in public life a thing of the past just like they did in Hong-Kong in the 80s. Click here to go to and vote

India Against Corruption

If you need any information or clarification contact

India Against Corruption
A-119, First Floor, Kaushambi
Uttar Pradesh: 201010
Phone Number: 09717460029

Your support counts. Spread the word, bring concerned people together with India Against Corruption
Join us on facebook
India Against Corruption
Vote for India - Commit your vote against corruption


Monday, April 4, 2011

Fwd: Active Ageing Blog

Active Ageing Blog

The Active Ageing Blog started in September 2010 by the Website OLD AGE SOLUTIONS (which was reviewed by me some time ago) is regularly updated. Since starting some 80 + articles -- all about various topics related to senior's heath are available. There are no direct contributors but interesting articles are picked up for inclusion by the blog editor. It is worthwhile visiting this blog -- best way is to include it in your Reader.