Friday, December 3, 2010

NHRC core group for the elderly : More Members Details

Here is some info on other members of the core group of NHRC.
Let us congratulate all members.

Dr P Vyasamoorthy, 30 Gruhalakshmi Colony Secunderabad 500015 Ph
040-27846631 / 9490804278.
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From: Ramamurti PV <>
Date: Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 10:10 AM
Subject: NHRC core group for the elderly
To: Dr P Vyasamoorthy <>,
Cc: jamuna duvvuru <>

Dear Dr Vyasamoorthy
I am happy to inform you that a core group has been constituted in the
National Human rights commission.The members from A P are Mr Mital ,Mr
Gangadharan and myself.Among the others are Dr Sugan Bhatia,Dr
kinjawadekar,Dr Gokhale Dr Sivaraju,Dr Mala Kapoor,Dr Vinod Kumar,Dr
Aabha choudhary,Dr PKB Nayar,Dr Siva Raju.Mr N N Sabharwal and Dr
Mathew Cherian of Help Age.
It is hoped that the committee will be active in establishing the
rights of the elderly and preventing abuse
As a member I assure that I shall contribute my mite to the cause of the elderly
Warm regards
Prof.P.V.Ramamurti Phd,FNA(Psy)
Hon Director(emeritus)
Center for Research on Ageing
Dept of Psycholgy
Sri Venkateswara University

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