Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sundaram Finance FD scheme for senior citizens (9% for 3 years)

Sundaram Finance scheme for senior citizens

CHENNAI: Sundaram Finance has introduced a fixed and cumulative
deposit scheme for senior citizens. It will offer 8.25 per cent
interest on one year deposit, 8.50 per cent on 2 year deposit and 9
per cent on 3 year deposit. The effective yield of a three year
cumulative deposit will be 10.20 per cent. The company has also
announced an increase in FD and CD rates for others. It will offer 8
per cent (7.50 per cent) on one year, 8.25 per cent (8 per cent) on
two year and 8.50 per cent (8.50 per cent) on three year deposits
effective from November 8.

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