Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grateful thanks to Indivine Voters

I became a member of Indiblogger in January 2010. My blog Kaaranam-ketkadhe in blogspot is rather poorly read / visited because the subjects I deal with are dull, drab and prosaic. I write on issues of senior citizens and even they complain that that while the topics and posts are useful, relevant and important, the rendering is boring and unwelcome!

Why is the readership or rather visitor ship poor? I concentrate mostly on subjects that interest only senior citizens. Most senior citizens are not net savvy. Among those that are net savvy, they get to read my posts directly through a web group called sss-global that I moderate that is there is no need for them to visit the blog. They have alternate choices. Therefore people visiting the blog site and reading there are not many. My efforts to reach more people were not yielding results despite standing upside down and employing every trick I learnt..

Then came the Indibloggers Meeting in Hyderabad in April 2010. I made a few friends over there. I also got good exposure because I was one of the few senior citizens taking to blogging. Fellow bloggers started reading my blogs, voting my posts in Indivine and making comments in my blog too at times. Enthused by this I kept my blog active with the result that the latest Indirank for my blog is 82!!

I want to thank profusely all my new found friends through Indibloggers connection. I am unable to reciprocate by visiting all my friends’ blogs and placing comments. Therefore I have given a list of my voters here. You will also find a few of them in the following collage too. THANKS ONCE AGAIN, ALL MY WELL WISHERS.

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  1. Yes true that many senior citizens are not computer savey and that can be one of the reason apart from the SUBJECT you cover.As you have said, I read your posts on BUZZ as well as SSS Global.