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Re: [sss-global] Roads are unsafe for morning walkers - senior citizens

  Earlier it was a practice to walk opposite to the traffic, so that you see an oncoming vehicle. These days with dividers being provided all over, and the police being ineffective, it is very common to see cars and two wheelers moving on the wrong side. So when walking in the direction opposite to traffic a walker gets hit invariably by someone driving on the wrong side and gets hit from behind when he least expects a vahicle. Also when crossing a road even in dense traffic you may be safe from vehicles on your right, but can get hit by a vehicle driven on the wrong side from the left. Unfortunately our police seems at least in Hyderabad, to be most sympathetic to these type of violations, and are busy checking only documents, while any number of vehicles may be passing in front of them on the wrong side.  Even GOD cannot help a pedestrian, whether young or old, in our city, where the police glorifies the wrong doer. All the best, but still keep praying,if not GOD at least some top cop may hear your prayers.
C0L Jaswanth Rao (Retd)

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Majority of senior citizens are killed during morning walks
Traffic experts say most senior citizens are unable to move out of the
way quickly when a speeding driver is nearing them, making them
vulnerable........Megha Sood

City's roads continue to remain unsafe for senior citizens.

As per the accident statis- tics from the Mumbai traffic police
department, during last year, of the 628 deaths due to road accidents
219 victims were aged 50 years and above.

In 2008, city roads claimed the lives of 187 elderly out of the 622
road accident deaths.

According to data, the rea- son for more than one third of accident
victims being the eld- erly is the slow reflexes of sen- ior citizens,
making them vul- nerable.

Traffic experts say most senior citizens are unable to move out of the
way quickly when a speeding driver is near- ing them. Experts also
said that older people are more vul- nerable to injury than younger
people and succumbed easier.

Nandkumar Chougule, deputy commissioner of police (traffic) said:
"Most accidents happen during early morning hours and late evening
when the drivers tend to speed as there is less traffic on the roads.
Most old people are out on walks during the early morning hours and
therefore their number in the total vic- tims of road accidents is
high- er."

According to traffic data, after senior citizens, the age group of
18-30 years is the most prone to road accidents.

131 youngsters died in acci- dents in 2008 while in 2009 -- 152
youngsters' lives were lost in road accidents.

URL: Hindustan Times, Page No: 3, Dated: April 01, 2010

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