Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taming the Stools in the toilet

Taming the stools in the toilet


When Two Britons meet they start the conversation on weather. When two senior citizens meet during a morning walk in India they talk is about their bowl movements. At least that is what I have observed among four siblings of my father in law. Old people have constipation as a general health complaint. They spend lot of time in the toilet and still have a "never – done" feeling most of the time. Chronic constipation and its treatment is a serious topic in itself. I shall not discuss the causes, symptoms and treatment for constipation. Let me just confine myself to offering a few tips as what you can do right inside (or outside?) the toilet!


What I say will be useful in cases of mild constipation. Coaxing stool to leave the bowls is an art, many would agree. Before going to the toilet, have a glass of hot beverage. Or throw a pinch of beetle nuts like Triveni or Crane into your mouth. Anything to bite or bring teeth to grinding position during defecation process will help. Or try to stay in a stuffy room without air circulation for a couple of minutes. Or do some mild physical work like carrying water, mopping the floor etc. Even simply watching the milk if it comes to boil might help at times. Once you get the urge, rush – don't postpone. 


If possible have a clean dry toilet. Whether it is Indian type or western Commode is up to you. Persons with Arthritis prefer western type.  Orthodox rural folk prefer Indian type. A crouching position is more helpful than sitting straight. While in the toilet seat, squeeze your lower abdomen. Reading a newspaper or book while shitting is again a personal choice.


A few tips during the course: Mildly scratch at your coccyx – the lowest tip of your back where the buttocks separate. Lightly massage your temples as if you are having a headache.

A point that is often recommended by acupuncturists for constipation is Large Intestine. This may work for some people: The acupressure point is at the highest spot of the muscle between the thumb and index finger when they are brought close together. This point should not be stimulated in the case of pregnant ladies. With your thumb or middle finger at a 90 degree angle to the skin, apply gradually increasing pressure. Hold for two to three minutes. The pressure should not be painful or uncomfortable.


In case of people having certain diseases, like obesity, prostate enlargement or post deliver complications, the pelvic floor muscles do not function properly. Proper biofeedback exercises, learnt with the help of a physiotherapist might help in tackling constipation. Yoga masters may provide lasting solutions.


Not all tricks mentioned above may work for you. But you may try any or all of them – there is no expense involved!


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