Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On giving alms in a different way.

On giving alms in a different way.
Dr P Vyasamoorthy

Because of Ambedkar, today I lost Rs 45. I went to HDFC bank to close an FD, spending money on Auto. I learnt to my dismay that it is a Holiday on account of Ambedkar Jayanthi. Even a full page advertisement in Today's newspapers did not raise a doubt in me. There is no correlation between cause and effect.

However when you look at it in another way you would feel happy. I gave Rs 20 or so to two auto fellows when I went to the bank. Normally autos won't come for short distances. Today, being a holiday they were baiting for customers. To that extent it is social service, paying for auto when you needn't have. Money must change hands quickly in order that it becomes useful. Stagnant money in one's possession is like a mosquito breeding center. You always worry over protecting it, increasing it or even worry over spending it away. When money is in circulation there is health and smile everywhere.

Therefore let us not mind spending. Today a vendor of broomsticks came to our house. We bought some broomsticks. She then asked for some raw Rice for feeding her children. She appeared pathetic and genuine. My wife gave some rice as alms. Thereafter went on doubting whether the giving was worthwhile or whether we were cheated. The vendor did not ask for cooked food but for raw rice that she may cook and give her children. This gave a clue she could be genuine. Once some half a KG of rice is given away we are not going to be begging next day. No harm is done. We should simply forget about it either way.

 About helping friends and relatives with money I am quick to oblige if it is a one time payment. Anything regular, say a monthly commitment, I am very wary of, even if the amount is small. I can not understand myself on this.


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