Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Indian Language Composing in Gmail

Indian Language Composing in Gmail

Dr P Vyasamoorthy


Here is some exciting news for Gmail customers. We are becoming luckier day by day. Now you can compose email messages in Indian Languages.


The number of Gmail users in India is so large that Google India Office has been working on improvements to Gmail that are highly specific to Indian users. Gmail has now introduced Indian language composing right inside Gmail. In the compose window you will find an additional icon on the left extreme to use this feature. Simple choose the language among: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Malayalam. To use this feature, simply start typing in English.   A few simple self-evident rules need to be observed: aa, ee, ii for long vowels, capital characters for 'hard' variants. As a word is typed in, the word appears in Indian script chosen by you. After completing a word several variants appear helping you to correct it if need be. Mixing of English and other languages in the same message is possible.


This is a great feature I have been waiting for with interest. The feature is enabled by default for all Indian users and others can get it by settings in Labs. Corporate users have to wait for a little longer. We need to remember that this is still under testing (Labs) and may land us into trouble occasionally.










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